SZA ft Isaiah Rashad - Warm Winds (official video)
Here’s another new video from TDE’s SZA for the Isaiah Rashad assisted “Warm Winds”.  SZA’s been on a great run as of late, with some impressive visuals and a strong debut EP which you can grab on itunes HERE

Billy Bragg New England (Live at Wembley)

The Bard of Barking’s new Live at Union Chapel Album out 5/6/14

How long was I out? Barely contained existential dismay - not for the faint- hearted

Johnette Napolitano - Scarred

I mercy-killed my craving

Natalie Merchant - Giving up Everything


Concrete Blonde- Les Coeurs Jumeaux

It is the capitalist interests in England and Ireland that are pushing this Treaty to block the march of the working people in England and Ireland

Constance Markievicz - Irish Republican Socialist

Guitar porn - Rick Kelly’s workshop Carmine Street Guitars NYC


Midtown Buildings.


Midtown Buildings.


Andreas Franke’s photography exhibition gives new meaning to the idea of an immersive exhibit. These photos are currently on on view to the public, free of charge— but you have to dive to get there. 

This ship was purposefully sunk to promote coral reef development off the coast of Florida, and Franke took the unique opportunity to create a self-referential body of work that depicts everyday moments in an extraordinary environment: 

The resulting photographs show a recently sunken ship that hasn’t yet lost its shape but has started to take on a mottled crust of sea life. The images are the perfect backdrop for a series of composite photographs that reveal a relaxed and everyday sort of Atlantis. (Photographer’s Forum)

Quoted article and photos from Photographer’s Forum, additional photos from International Business Times

(via repositoriumuniverse)


FretPen. Possibly best idea ever. Possibly worst idea ever.